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IT Resume Mastery

IT Resume Mastery:

ATS Compatibility, Using AI Ethically, & Attracting IT Recruiters

by Paul Cameron

Senior IT professionals and IT leaders who tackle high-priority projects with a pragmatic mindset to efficiently deliver effective results will love this agile-based approach writing a great IT resume. Whether you are looking for a hands-on technical position, or high-level leadership or executive role, this book will give you the knowledge and tools you need to build a resume that gets tangible results.

In IT Resume Mastery, you will learn:
• The Definition of Done as it applies to a complete and effective IT resume
• How to recognize and identify your uncommon strengths
• Common and lesser-known Application Tracking System (ATS) compatibility issues
• How to test your resume for recruiter compatibility
• How to optimize your resume for search engines
• How to write a distinguishing professional summary that can influence interview questions
• Resume fundamentals, including resume lengths, layouts, and formatting essentials
• How to build and use a Master Resume to efficient resume customizations
• To use AI and ChatGPT ethically – with specific prompts written for you – to improve your resume
• The key elements of your resume that can and should be used on your LinkedIn profile
• Best practices for sending your resume to employers
• How to prepare for resume-based interview questions
• What a Networking Resume is and how to build one
• How to update your resume after you land your new position

In IT Resume Mastery, you will get:
• A downloadable Definition of Done checklist
• 5 professional summary examples with sentence-by-sentence instructions to write your own
• Advanced, ethical, multi-step ChatGPT prompts to accurately improve resume impact
• A sample resume you can download and work from
• A sample Master Resume you can download and work from
• 170 Action Words you can use to start your bullet points
• A downloadable checklist for final proofreading to ensure mastery before sending it out

Paul Cameron is an IT recruiter who has read tens of thousands of IT resumes and has helped thousands of IT professionals improve their resumes over the last 25 years. His insights come from data and results, not theories or assumptions. If writing your own resume is the next ‘sprint’ on your project board and you need an efficient process to write an effective resume that will yield great results, then this book is for you. If you are considering hiring an IT resume writer but want to see if you can do it yourself first, then this is definitely the book for you! This book includes a discount code for $100 off Paul Cameron’s professional resume writing and resume review services to give you a backup plan. You can collaborate with him directly to ensure excellence. It’s time to get to work!

Look through the Table Of Contents on pages 3 and 4 in the book sample below to see everything included in this book.

Downloadable bonuses included:

  • Definition of Done Checklist
  • Action Words for Resumes
  • Generic Resume Template
  • Example Master Resume
  • 81 Sample Bullet Points organized by Category, including:
    • Budgeting, Profitability, & Cost Containment
    • Recognition for Good Work
    • Setting Strategy & Planning
    • Establishing Credibility
    • Acknowledging Promotions
    • Leading People
  • Final Resume Proofreading Checklist