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Employer Resources

Below is a list of sites we have researched for Employers to help you locate, hire, and retain the best candidates. If you have a favorite that we have not included, please let us know so we can add it. Thanks! If you are looking for a great list of Resources for Job Seekers, please visit the Online Resources page on SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com.

Outplacement Resources:

You are already here! SpeedUpMySearch.com is an extremely comprehensive, strategic job search site for IT professionals who are changing jobs. It offers Resume Writing instruction, Interview Skills, Advanced Networking Tactics, and even has a job board with thousands of urgent jobs. If you need an Outplacement resource for your employees, please call us for details.  

Help Writing Job Requirements:

www.onetonline.org – Onet Online is a great resource for suggestions of job titles, as well as duties and responsibilities when writing job descriptions. Hiring Managers sometimes just give a sentence or two in describing what they want, this resource can help fill in the blanks for you. www.indeed.com/salary – This resource will give you a better understanding of how hot or cold the market is for positions like the ones you are trying to fill. If there are more jobs than people, using that hard data will help you motivate your team to reduce your Time-to-Fill ratios. “The best people will not be available very long, this data proves it, so which steps can we eliminate from our interview process to make offers faster?” www.indeed.com/jobtrends – This resource will give you a better understanding of how hot or cold the market is for positions like the ones you are trying to fill. If there are more jobs than people, using that hard data will help you motivate your team to reduce your Time-to-Fill ratios. “The best people will not be available very long, this data proves it, so which steps can we eliminate from our interview process to make offers faster?”  

Diversity Hiring Sites:

www.imdiversity.com – IMDiversity houses a job board for job seekers, and also has a Diversity Village area for specialty articles relevant for a variety of specific groups. This would be a great place to get exposure for your positions. www.womenforhire.com – Tory Johnson from Good Morning America created Women For Hire. Paul Cameron was fortunate enough to to give a keynote presentation for her national Women For Hire event in Chicago in 2012, and can attest first hand to the quality of her services. www.womensjoblist.com – Another specialty job board where you can list your positions. While the jobs themselves are not exclusively for women, that is their target market and it will illustrate your commitment to hiring diverse candidates by posting your positions there. www.disabledperson.com – disABLEDperson.com is a premier Job Board for people with disABILITIES since 2002. They boast over 40,000 active jobs from all across the U.S. posted by companies who are looking to hire people with disabilities.  

Hiring Veterans:

www.careeronestop.org – Veterans ReEmployment is a one-stop website for employment, training, and financial help after military service. The website includes the Military-to-Civilian Job Search tool where veterans and service members can search for jobs based on the skills and experiences they gained in the military. The site also includes tips for job searching specifically for veteran job seekers.  

Research Sites:

www.zoominfo.com – Zoominfo is a paid site, similar to the old Manta site (now defunct), but you can sign up for a free trial.  You’ll get similar company information, plus how many employees they have by title.  The paid version gives you those names, emails & numbers. This is a great resource when trying to recruit specific people out of their current companies. Some libraries hold licenses, so check their first for free access. www.referenceusa.com – This is a widely known resource which most job seekers are instructed to use to get information about employers. We suggest looking up your own company to see how you are portrayed, and make the necessary updates to ensure your brand is being conveyed properly. Most libraries have subscriptions to Reference USA for free access. www.refdesk.com/paper.html – This page directly allows you to access local newspapers from any state in the United States to research local information. www.glassdoor.com – Glassdoor is a site where employees get to voice their opinions of their employer, or former employer, anonymously. Reviews are seldom positive because hurt feelings are often involved in terminations. Unfortunately, many candidates take this information as hard facts. We recommend you review your company’s presence on Glassdoor.com and do what you can to improve the perception to your potential future employees. www.yelp.com – Yelp isn’t just for restaurant reviews or service oriented companies, any company can get a Yelp review. Similar to Glassdoor, people rarely go out of their way to write positive reviews. Creating an environment in which your employees are encouraged to share positive stories will help your ranking in Yelp, and bring more quality candidates to your door.  

Popular Job Boards Candidates are using:

(we are skipping the major ones here, Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, etc.) www.beyond.com – Beyond.com runs thousands of job boards across the United States. Across ALL of their boards they have more than 4 million posted jobs, and lots of traffic. www.jobserve.com – This is a more cost-effective job board, formerly Computerjobs.com, where you can post technology positions and get decent visibility. www.craigslist.org – Craigslist is similar to a big, online, classified ad section like a newspaper. People buy and sell stuff, but you can also post jobs for cheap. The responses rates are big, and the quality not a great, but you can occasionally find a gem in there who wouldn’t have found you elsewhere. For the price, it can be worth your time to post there. www.americasjobexchange.com – America’s Job Exchange is a popular site because Job seekers can access a comprehensive set of career management tools, and find resources for veterans, minorities, and people with disabilities.  

Job Board Aggregators:

www.indeed.com – If your ATS offers an RSS feed of your jobs, submit it to Indeed.com to read and you’ll get more exposure quickly! www.simplyhired.com – Also submit your RSS feed to SimplyHired.com to get more exposure.  

Searching for Recent College Graduates:

www.collegerecruiter.com – This is the leading job board for college students searching for internships, and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities. www.internjobs.com – InternJobs.com is a global database of internships and entry-level positions for students, recent graduates and career changers.

Telecommuting and Part Time Jobs:

www.flexjobs.com – If your jobs are eligible for telecommuters, or work from home professionals, this is a great site to use. www.weworkremotely.com – This is a another good site for positions which are not restricted by commutes or a particular geographic areas. www.snagajob.com – Typically hourly, part-time positions, good source of summer workers.  

Specialty Sites:

www.connector.hrsa.gov – The National Health Service Corps Job Center allows doctors, nurses and other providers to take ‘virtual visits’ to prospective rural and urban communities seeking to hire clinicians. Job seekers can learn about employment opportunities for their spouses. www.theblueline.com – Jobs in Law Enforcement and Firefighting. www.workinsports.com – Jobs working in Sports www.idealist.org – Jobs in Non-profit companies. www.inalj.com – I Need A Library Job – Job for librarians. www.volunteermatch.org – They bring good people & good causes together. If you need volunteers, this is a nice resource. www.overseasjobs.com – OverseasJobs.com features overseas jobs and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers. www.coolworks.com – Jobs in great places like national parks, various resorts, ranches, camps, ski resorts, and jobs on the water. They also seek volunteer and conservation corps opportunities to help better our world. The Cool Works® “home office” is located on the Yellowstone River just outside the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. If your positions could fall into this category, this site will give you great exposure for it.  

Career Testing:

www.testq.com – The Classic IQ Test www.typingtest.com – Need to know if they can type, with ALL of their fingers, not just their thumbs? This is a nice free resource.  

Career Training Sites:

www.lynda.com – Lynda.com is a paid site for technology training, however check your local library to see if they have a paid subscription you can tap into!