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This PHASE covers specific steps to take within your first 90 days on your new job to set yourself up for faster promotions and future career moves. It also covers career mapping to help you make intentional career moves to reach your ultimate career destination.

The average tenure at any given company these days is less than 3 years, so unless you’re planning to retire in the next 3 years, your focus now needs to shift from job search to job advancement. You can do that by ensuring that wherever you are in 3 years, you are more marketable than you are now.

Before you start your new position, go through the Pre-Start modules. They will help you get the right mindset going into your new role. Use the the checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your first day. From there, you will learn what to do and when to do it during your first quarter on the job.

By completing this quick form with your start date that you see here, you will receive strategic checkpoint emails from me throughout your first year in your new job. It will show you what to look for, and what to keep track of to help you achieve better raises, promotions, and if necessary, better jobs at other companies.

You will not be inundated with email from this and you won’t be added to any other marketing lists. In fact, some of the emails are spaced 3 months apart, so my challenge to you is to find a way to remember that you signed up for this and keep an eye out for these important career advancing emails!​​​​​​​​

By taking action on these, you won’t have to leave your career success up to luck. Instead you can be deliberate about ensuring your advancement. This is the first step to building your legacy. Congratulations on landing this position!

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