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PHASE 5 – Network Mastery

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The Advanced Networking Course will give you a concrete plan to build, maintain, and cultivate your professional network. It will show you specifically what to say and send to your network, and when. You will learn how to categorize, prioritize, and consistently strengthen your network.

This course is NOT filled with magical stories of networking lottery winners
(“I was standing in line for coffee and…yadda, yadda, yadda…now I work for that guy from the coffee shop!”). We focus on specific, high-probability networking strategies.

You also get access to more than 50+ seminars from networking experts around the country! Find the best ideas that work for you and your networking style, and watch on your schedule, not theirs.

Networking is the #1 most popular way to land a job. The focus of this eCourse is event networking. The BEST day to build your network was 10 years ago. The NEXT BEST day is today!

You will learn exact phrases to start conversations, topics to discuss, strategies to build trust, and how to follow up afterwards. If you wish you were better at networking, this is the course for you.

The video on the screen is of our very first Job Club Meeting held back in 2015, and it promised all those years ago, the topic would timelessly remain the most important element of networking.


Since that meeting we have recorded more than 60 meetings! Add our Job Club Archive to have access to all of them!

Our Advanced Networking Club includes:

  • Event Networking – learn how recruiters do networking
  • 3 powerful modules to efficiently expand your professional network
  • A specific structure to Organize & Prioritize your contacts
  • Scripts and Daily Challenges to Strengthen relationships with acquaintances / weak ties
  • Access to a proprietary advisory tool to identify communication preferences of others on the fly
  • Exclusive follow up when you apply to any of the 1,000+ national jobs posted on our job board
  • Network with other members in our Community Forum (coming soon)
  • This Advanced Networking course is included in the All Access Pass

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