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PHASE 2 – LinkedIn Mastery

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PHASE 2 – LinkedIn Mastery

Learn to proactively USE LinkedIn without losing a whole day on it.

So many people build their LinkedIn profiles like they’re assembling ’57 Chevy to be entered into the local car show, but then they hide it under a sheet, park it in the garage, and only let their closest friends come see it!

The problem is that a LinkedIn profile is NOT just for show, it’s meant to be driven! PHASE 2 will show you how to attract employers to your profile, and how to proactively USE it to get in front of them! Then, just when you think you are cruising at full speed, we will reveal the turbo boosters to kick your results into overdrive!

This course was developed by a recruiter who’s income depends on finding jobs and filling them consistently, every month. LinkedIn is a primary tool for recruiters today. Just as a professional race car driver must know what every single gage means and how it affects the car’s performance, recruiters must know every nuance of the tools they use that affect their monthly commissions. So hop in and let’s open her up to see what LinkedIn can really do!

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