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PHASE 3 – Search Mastery

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PHASE 3- Daily Search Process Mastery

Have you heard about Paul Cameron’s search structure? This is it! He shows you what to do, when to do it each day/week, and specifically how to do it. You will learn how to uncover more senior level leads daily, and following his structure, you will know what to do with each lead.

You will have the confidence to know you have done everything thing possible to get that job. No regrets, no lingering what-if’s, you did what you could do and now you can move on.

Each step on the Trello board includes a checklist of tasks so you know when to do what.

PHASE 3 even gives you the exact words to say and the emails to send for every Network Attempt with employers, every Follow Up call to Hiring Managers AND to Human Resources.

The scripts are easy to follow, and are available in the Materials section above. Being prepared squashes your nerves, and having these advanced preparation tools gives you the advantage you seek!

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The Call Scripts and email templates are visible here for PHASE Members when logged in. PLUS, under each module's Materials section are Custom Message Writing Tools to write these exact scripts customized specifically for you and they include additional variables to appropriately adapt to different situations.