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DISC Personality Assessments

Why learn an interviewer’s communication style?

Simple. They won’t hire you if they don’t like you – BUT – if you can communicate with their traits you can make a stronger connection!

Interviews often feel forced, with both sides wearing the mask of the persona they want the other to see. The sooner you can speak directly to the person behind the mask, the stronger the bond you can create. Their DISC profile is your mask remover!

Understanding personalities of complete strangers seems impossible, but a new technology called Personality AI is changing everything! It analyzes millions of online data points to identify someone’s personality, before you ever meet them!

We use this technology to generate customized reports about the people about to interview our PHASE 4 members. What to see one? The sample profile is of the current Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot.

The information in this report was obtained through 100% publicly available data on her LinkedIn profile using Personality AI technology. It analyzed her titles, degree, word choices, and phrases and matched them to the most commonly associated personality preferences.

If she was about to interview you, would this help you prepare?

It’s a convergence of technology, psychology, and personality theory to help us understand how to communicate with anyone effectively.

How AI Works

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that can analyze massive volumes of data to predict potential outcomes. When we make decisions, our brains quickly process all of our past experience and knowledge to help us come to the right conclusion. AI is very similar, but it’s a brain that can be loaded with tremendous amounts of “past experience and knowledge” (i.e. data) to make better decisions. Personality AI, specifically, can be best thought of as a machine that has inputs and outputs.

These reports are included in Paul’s interview coaching packages and for Members with PHASE 4 access.

Crystal Knows!

Personality AI takes multiple types of inputs – text samples, demographic data, real- life observations, questionnaire responses – and outputs personality insights.

For more than a decade, our Founder, Paul Cameron, has been analyzing LinkedIn Profiles as a recruiter to predetermine interview styles and possible interview questions based on the interviewer’s profile contents. When he discovered Crystalknows, he was so impressed by this tool that he immediately called the developers and within 24 hours became an official Crystal Partner!

What does that mean? 2 things:

First, that we can extend to you an official invitation to try Crystal for free, take a detailed personality assessment yourself to learn more about your own communication style, and run 10 DISC personality scans on others – anyone with a LinkedIn profile – to see how it works all by using your invitation button below:

Second, that we can run reports on the people who will be interviewing you for you through our program, and help you understand the results. PHASE members get up to 5 reports on interviewers per month, and we send you a formatted report, presented in the most efficient way possible to understand what it all means and how to use the information.

You can also sign up for Crystalknows directly for a monthly fee and get the raw data yourself. They are changing their rates and services currently, so pricing may differ, but our customized reports for candidates for interviewing, based on their technology, is included with your enrollment in our PHASE program.

What does it look like?

From the 10-page report generated by the Crystalknows tool, SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com will identify the most relevant data for you to have about an interviewer and compile it into an easy to understand, 2-page format to help you prepare for your interview.