Speed Up My Search

Our Mission & Values

Founded in 2002 as DriveStaff, Inc., Speed Up My Search is an IT recruiting firm for employers seeking Senior Technology Professionals in the Chicago area. In 2016 we added “SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com” to help senior professionals change jobs efficiently, and merged it into DriveStaff in January of 2022 to form Speed Up My Search.

Our Mission

To provide and teach an efficient IT hiring and job change process because when you have a better process, you get better results, faster.

Our Why

Because thousands of employers are strategizing, marketing, and networking to find talented IT professionals who are strategizing, marketing, and networking to find jobs at those same employers! It doesn’t need to be so hard for the two sides to find and identify each other. We have developed a better, more efficient way for BOTH sides to successfully complete their search, faster.

Core Values

All of our employees know our core values from memory, and strive to live by them in every interaction.

  1. We provide exceptional, wow-worthy customer service.
  2. We continuously seek new ways to help every connection.
  3. We find solutions, not explanations, not credit, nor blame.
  4. We understand job search stress and never judge, repeat, nor react.
  5. We choose to do the right thing, every time, regardless of the cost.
  6. We continuously learn and teach.

With our core values guiding every step, our Agile recruiting & job change process builds and expands relationships for us and our clients to create greater access to the most talented people.

Although we reach out to 120 candidates per job opening, we can only place 1 of them into the job. To help the rest, we developed a resource and process to help them successfully find a position that DOES fit their needs.

By executing our process, and training both employers and job changers how to follow it, we have become a trusted, expert resource to high-profile employers and top caliber IT candidates to help both sides get better results, faster.