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Mental Interview Preparation

Do you have an interview today? Putting your mind in an active mental state before an important meeting will help you perform better in that meeting. By intentionally activating your memory recall, your logical thinking skills, and your ability to solve problems under pressure will help you stay sharp when the spotlight is on you.

The exercises below are designed to help you engage your memory, encourage your positive attitude, and refresh your memory of key interview questions. This is intended to help you prepare the day of your interview. Quick Links:

Multiply | Memory | Laugh | Divide | Word Find | Add | Crossword | Chess | Subtract

Multiplication Challenge = 10 Quick Multiplication Problems (don’t worry, they are easy!)

Refresh the page to get different cards & new math questions!

Memory Challenge:
Click on a card to flip it over, then click another to find its match or its corresponding Question or Answer card.

Refresh the page to get different cards.
Click Retry to start over with the same cards.

Just for Laughs!

Click the arrow on the right half of the picture to scroll through these funny Interview Memes found randomly online.

This was inspired by Conor Cunneen of IrishmanSpeaks who feels positive mindsets bring positive interview results. Enjoy!

Division Challenge = 10 Quick Division Problems (don’t worry, they are easy!)

Word Find

There are 9 words hidden in the grid below. Click and drag your mouse across each one to circle it as you find them all. How fast can you find them all?

Words to Find:

– Smile

– Prepared

– Successful

– Interview

– Positive

– Connected

– Ready

– Selected

– Hired

Addition Challenge = 10 questions, a little more challenging this time

Here is my best attempt at a crossword puzzle for job seekers. Can you think of another employment related word and a clue I can add? Email or message Paul with your idea! Thanks!

Chess Puzzles – Paul’s favorite!

Solving a few chess puzzles prior before an interview will prime your mind to think logically, preparing you to think a few steps ahead. Read the puzzle instructions below the chessboard, then drag/drop the pieces to execute the next best move!

Click the green play button for another puzzle, the Life Preserver icon for a hint, and the Blue Question Mark icon shows you the solution. Enjoy!

Subtraction Challenge = 10 questions, a little more challenging this time