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PHASE 4 – Interview Mastery

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Advanced Interview Process Strategies

When an employer responds to your inquiry about a job, the interview process begins. PHASE 4 gives you advanced tactics to maximize your chances with all the positions you have in-process.

How do you sell yourself effectively in that initial call and in your interview?

What if they ask you an illegal question, or you think they may discriminate against you?

How and when do you follow up afterwards?

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Above is a 6-min. peek at the tools & tactics included in P4 that you cannot get through any other interview training program.

We can even help you practice! The Mock Interviews module not only has a video where Paul acts like a hiring manager and asks a variety of questions (with direct links to get the answers if you get stuck), but it also has a secure audio recorder so you can record yourself answering the questions, then play them back immediately, download them for later, or upload them for Paul to review.

Ever wish you could do a Mock Interview, but not have to ask someone to do it? Now you can!! As many times as you want! There is no limit to the recordings. When you are ready, then play them for an accountability partner, or for Paul Cameron directly.

As the saying goes, Amateurs practice until they get it right, but Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.

Finding someone with the same level of dedication you have for your search can be a challenge, but now you don’t have to, this program will show you what to say, let you hear the timing of how to say it, and let you practice repeatedly until you cannot get it wrong. Learn at your own pace, go as hard, or as slow as you want.

In this eCourse you will learn:

  • How to Sell Yourself in an Interview
  • How to minimize Age Discrimination or other Illegal Question
  • How to prepare for key interview questions with adaptable concepts to fit all the variations
  • How to prepare for Phone Interviews, Panel Interviews, and Lunch/Dinner Interviews
  • How to prepare great questions in all 4 categories types
  • How to Negotiate for better offers, both with and without a recruiter’s help
  • How and when to follow up after the interview
  • A Mock Interview video that will ask you questions so you can practice your answers aloud!
  • It also includes a Pre-Interview Checklist, our Interview Influencer Doc, and our Job Offer Comparison Tool

Let’s get started! Enroll here:

When logged into this page as a PHASE 4 Member (or with an All Access Pass), below you will find:

- 5 audio tracks from Turning Interviews into Offers
    -- Applications
    -- Ice Breakers
    -- Illegal Questions
    -- Handling Nerves
    -- The Nugget

- Pre-Interview Checklist

- Interview Influencer doc

- Debrief Form

- Letters to Tactfully Withdraw from Contention (from the interview process)
    -- To recruiters
    -- To employers you like
    -- To employers you do NOT like

- Job Offer Selection Tool

- Letters for Accepting Another Offer
    -- To recruiters
    -- To employers

- Thank You Letter Template

- Resignation Letter Template