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Audio Program – Turning Interviews Into Offers

Turning Interviews Into Offers through Advanced Selling Techniques

Tricks of the Job Hunter's Trade: Turning Interviews into Offers through Advanced Selling Techniques

Formerly a 4-CD set, now in digital form!
Copyright (c) 2007, DriveStaff, Inc.

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Disc 11:13:17
How to use the Program4:03
Section 1: Mental Preparation18:24
Getting the Right Attitude8:18
Handling Nervousness10:10
Section 2: Research: What/Where/How?20:39
The 7 Fundamentals to Research on all Companies3:10
More Research keys to give Yourself an Edge3:54
The Nugget5:01
The Slow Pitch Technique3:12
Specific Sources to find the Information you Need5:32
Section 3: Questions you Should be Prepared to Ask22:52
Questions you Should NEVER ask!8:17
Questions About the Position3:32
Using your Research to Create Questions3:09
Tactful Questions About the company3:06
Questions that can SAVE an interview!4:59
Disc 21:04:24
Section 4: The Basics19:44
What to wear & how to Choose It4:42
10 is Perfect4:58
Body Language1:28
Taking Notes0:59
What you Should, & Shouldn’t, Bring In5:01
Section 5: Preparing for Alternative Types of Interviews18:57
Phone Interviews7:26
Lunchtime Interviews4:29
Group/Panel Interviews7:09
Section 6: The Initial Stages of an Interview25:13
The Effect of Strangers6:05
What you Should Know when Completing Applications8:02
Tips to open the Interview to your Advantage5:40
Ice Breakers to use, and Others to Avoid8:01
Disc 31:04:16
Section 7: Tell Me About Yourself – 5 Key Components15:25
Responding to Tell Me About Yourself1:53
Basic Guidelines to Crafting your Answer2:44
Component 10:59
Component 22:18
Component 30:30
Component 41:19
Component 52:22
Complete Example 11:33
Complete Example 2 & Wrap Up2:05
Section 8: Formulas & Techniques to Answer Typical Questions32:04
What is your Greatest Weakness?7:35
Where do you see Yourself in 5 Years?5:35
Answering Questions about Skills you don’t Have7:11
How to Handle a Difficult Employee/Co-worker5:06
Why are you Changing Jobs?6:47
Section 9: Identifying Illegal Questions & How to Respond16:09
The Laws, Rights and Acts you Should Know7:53
Great Techniques to Respond to Illegal Questions4:14
Handling Age Discrimination4:06
Disc 41:14:10
Section 10: Let’s Talk Money – The Salary Discussions26:09
How much are you Making?6:35
Handling Large Jumps in pay, up or Down6:17
Answering Salary Questions WITH a recruiter5:53
Negotiating for Yourself4:39
Handling on the spot Offers2:55
Section 11: The Closing Stages of an Interview27:24
Close the Interview to your Advantage11:10
The 5 Beats4:24
Debrief Questions to ask Yourself4:09
Follow Up – How, When and How Often1:28
Constructing Thank You Letters – Paragraph 10:33
Thank You Letter – Paragraph 21:48
Thank You Letter – Paragraph 3 and Closing1:10
How Much Follow up is too much Follow Up2:58
Section 12: Final Thoughts on Interviewing15:24
Unusual Interview Questions5:03
The Checklist to go Through Before you Leave2:05
Wrapping it all Up8:22
Bonus Track – The Travel Track – Listen on the way to your interview!4:34

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