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PHASE 1 – Resume Mastery

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PHASE 1 – Resume Mastery

PHASE 1 of the program focuses on your resume and the related documents you will need to have in place for your search. Once your resume meets the definition of done, you can move on to your LinkedIn profile to get that set up effectively.

Whether you are are writing a resume for yourself, or if you are a professional resume writer seeking Applicant Tracking System (ATS) information and hiring knowledge to produce more effective resumes for your clients, this comprehensive course is for you.

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What is ATS Compatibility?

You will learn:
– The definition of done for your resume
– Common & uncommon Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatibility issues
– Rules & Structure for your resume
– How to write every section of a resume (10 sections covered) with detailed guidance
– Customization tactics to quickly and easily target positions
– Tactics to write effective cover letters
– What Handbills are and how to write them

Related Documents:

Resume Template: Starting from scratch? Use our resume template as a guide. Click “Materials” at the top of this page.

Reference Docs: Core Competency examples (47 sections from real resumes), Bullet Point examples (Not sure how to describe your experience in a bullet? Use ours!), Action Words (options to replace “Managed”, “Led”, and “Responsible for”).

Cover Letters: Not everyone reads cover letters, so you need a template which you can quickly customize to have a good cover letter, but not lose time on it. We show you specifically how to do it, and provide you with a template to work from.

Handbills: These documents should be constructed as a tool for Job Clubs. In our last lesson in this eCourse we discuss how to create a Handbill to maximize your time at job clubs. 

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From the Effective Resumes eCourse:

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General Resume Template: A suggested structure to capture the attention of both ATS and the Human Resume Screeners 

ATS Compatibility Guide: A 2-page guide packed with information about how to ensure your resume is compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Core Competency Examples: Includes 47 Core Competency sections with 6 - 10 bullets each from actual resumes Paul Cameron wrote through our Professional Resume Writing Services 

Resume Action Words: Includes about 200 effective words so you don't have to start every bullet point with "Led a project...", or "Managed a team...", or "Responsible for...".

- Blog Link: How to Give and Get Great References

- Blog Link: Blasting your Resume will SLOW DOWN your Job Search!

Cover Letter Writing Guide, Here is a handy pdf guide to writing effective cover letters.

Cover Letter Templates: This document includes two cover letter options. When logged in, you can use the Custom Cover Letter writing tool to format, write, and deliver both options with your specific details in minutes! The pdf is here and in the Cover Letter module, and the auto-writing tool is just in the module.