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Job Change Mastery

The 5-PHASE Job Change Plan

If the best way to get the biggest pay increases and fastest promotions is by changing jobs, then should you invest more in on-the-job skills, or get-your-next-job skills? This Job Change Mastery program gives you an unbeatable career ROI.

Your ability to efficiently change jobs not only fast-tracks your career, it provides career security. You will never again have to feel locked into a job you do not love when you have the keys to leaving in your pocket. This program gives you those keys!

Our structure uses Agile Framework concepts for adaptability, tracking, and constant improvements in your results. If you are serious about advancing your career, this program can help, and it’s never been more affordable than it is right now.

Choose any PHASE for $199/yr. (or $39/mo. cancel anytime), or grab the All Access Pass to save over 60% to get ALL PHASES, Courses, Tools, & Downloads!


PHASE 1 – Resume Mastery

You will learn:
- ATS compatible formatting
- Templates & Tools
- Impact bullet writing
- Custom ChatGPT Writer!
- $199/yr. or $39/mo. cancel anytime
Resume & Cover Letter Templates, ChatGPT Prompts, Core Comp. examples, writing guides, & more

*in All Access Pass


PHASE 2 – LinkedIn Mastery

You will learn:
- Optimize your profile for search
- Rank higher for recruiters
- Proactively USE LinkedIn daily
- $199/yr. or $39/mo. cancel anytime
Detailed LinkedIn Profile Review (instantly) with action plan, inmail templates, optimization strategies, and more!

*in All Access Pass


PHASE 3 – Search Mastery

You will learn:
- How & where to find job leads
- When & How to follow up
- An efficient pipeline structure
- Networking scripts & guidance
- $199/yr. or $39/mo. cancel anytime
Intro letters, inmail msgs, follow up emails, call scripts, and more!

*in All Access Pass


PHASE 4 – Interview Mastery

You will learn:
- Advanced interview prep
- Strategic interviewing tactics
- Interview follow up: How/When
- Offer negotiation per state laws
- $199/yr. or $39/mo. cancel anytime
Checklists, Int. doc.s, offer eval. tool, emp. letters included

*in All Access Pass


PHASE 5 – Network Mastery

You will learn:
- Advanced job networking
- Network frequency schedules
- Event networking strategies
- Daily Network Challenges
- $199/yr. or $39/mo. cancel anytime
Reconnect scripts, touch-base msgs, network plans, & more!

*in All Access Pass


Job Club Archive of Seminars

You will get:
- 60+ Networking Talks
- Face:Face Networking
- Face:Screen Networking
- 1:1 & 1:Small Group info
- Network Planning Tools
- Dozens of experts
- Unlimited replays

$199/yr. or $39/mo. cancel anytime
*in All Access Pass


New Job Onboarding

You will learn:
- A strategic 90-day plan
- Monthly Benchmarking
- 3-mo. Benchmarks
- Date-based check-ins
- $199/yr. or $39/mo. cancel anytime

Checklists, Pre-Start plans, Mindset

*in All Access Pass


ChatGPT & AI for Job Search

Prompts & Builders for:
- Multi-step Prompts
- Resume Improvements
- Job Lead Analysis
- LinkedIn Summaries
- Company Research
- HR Correspondence
- Interview Preparation
- Professional Networking

*in All Access Pass


IT Resume Mastery

PHASE 1 in Book Form!
- ATS insights
- Templates & Checklists
- Impact bullet writing
- Adv. ChatGPT prompts
- $14.97

Templates, AI Prompts, examples, & more.

Save 70% for ALL

All Access Pass (AAP)

You will get:
- All 8 Mastery courses
- LinkedIn Guided Review
- All videos, tools, scripts, templates, & downloads
- Custom Trello Board
- Adv. Interview Strategy
- DM Support from Paul

Get $1,849 of resources for $497/yr. or $79/mo. - cancel anytime.


Free 10-Step Starter Course

In 10 simple lessons to supercharge your job search.
- Search Planning
- Stat Tracking
- Resume Tips
- LinkedIn Tips
- Finding Job Leads
- Defining 'Done'
- Solo Agile Scrum Team

*in All Access Pass


Self-Guided LinkedIn Review

You will get:
- A 10+ page detailed report
- Suggestions to increase access
- Strategies to USE it proactively
- LinkedIn Recruiter ATS insights
- Be visible to employers
- $29.55 one time, immediate results!

*in All Access Pass


Professional LinkedIn Review

You will get:
- A detailed review
- A profile action plan
- Recruiter ATS insights
- Headline suggestions
- Profile ranking tactics
- Outreach strategies
- Inmail templates
- Hashtags to Follow
- PHASE 2: LI Mastery

2-5 business day delivery after your order and profile URL are received.


Resume Review + Mastery Course

You will get:
- A detailed review
- ATS test w/screenshots
- Recruiter Compatibility
- Categorized exp. points
- Master Resume Guide
- Adv. impact writing tips
- ChatGPT Bullet Prompts
- PHASE 1, Resume Mastery included

3-5 business day delivery after your order & resume are received.


Professional IT Resume

You will get:
- User Story Discussions
- A Professional Resume
- A Resume Prep. Report
- LinkedIn Profile Review
- Recruiter Compatibility
- Resume SEO content
- True ATS Compatibility
- PHASE 1 & 2 Included
- Retrospective Meeting

5-7 business day delivery after your order & resume are received.


Adv. Interview Coaching

You will get:
- 30-min. or 60-min. with Paul via Zoom
- Mock interview questions
- DiSC Profiles for interviewers
- Adv. Social Psych. for interviews

- Non-AAP | AAP holders:
$85 | $75 for 30-min;
$150 | $136 for 60-min.
*AAP (All Access Pass)


Job Change Coaching

You will get:
- 30-min. or 60-min. with Paul via Zoom
- Tailored, personalized coaching
- Job Change Strategy
- Unique situational coaching
- Roadmap planning

- Non-AAP | AAP holders:
$85 | $75 for 30-min;
$150 | $136 for 60-min.
*AAP (All Access Pass)