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Paul Cameron has coached and mentored thousands of IT professionals seeking new jobs and his training videos have been watched hundreds of thousands of times. Now you can get ALL of his training through every phase of the job search plus over 60 expert presentations from job search gurus from across the country!

He has been teaching senior IT professionals how successfully navigate job changes for over 20 years, and now you can learn all of his tactics directly from him! Join us!

All Access to everything for a full year! That’s all 8 courses (normally $199 each), all documents, scripts, templates, and all tools are included in the All Access Pass (AAP) for just $497/yr. (or $79/mo. cancel anytime):
– PHASE 1: Resume Mastery +all documents & templates (normally $199 but is included in AAP)
– PHASE 2: LinkedIn Mastery with connect scripts & intro templates (normally $199, included in AAP)
– LinkedIn Profile Self-Guided Review: Valued at $129, now autonomous for $29.55 and included in AAP
– PHASE 3: Search Process Mastery + scripts, email templates, & tools (normally $199, included in AAP)
– Custom built, shared Business Class Trello Board ($37.50 via Trello, included in AAP)
– PHASE 4: Interview Mastery + interview docs, job eval. tools, & follow up notes (norm. $199, incl. in AAP)
– Advanced Interview Audio Training; 4.5 hour audio training download (normally $39.95, incl. in AAP)
– PHASE 5: Network Mastery + connection scripts, daily activity challenges (normally $199, incl. in AAP)
– Job Club Archive; 60+ seminars from dozens of job search experts (normally $199, included in AAP)
– ChatGPT & AI Mastery for job search – Ethical prompting for resumes, interviews, networking, and more (norm. $199, included)
– New Job Onboarding + automated email with benchmark reminders (normally $199, included in AAP)
Annual All Access Pass Holders: get a 30-min. Coaching Call with Paul Cameron to identify your goals and which parts of this program will provide the most value to you based on your situation the fastest (normally $85).
Annual All Access Pass Holders with Coaching: get a 60-min. Coaching Call (or two 30-min. calls) with Paul Cameron (normally $150).
— monthly pass holders can purchase coaching time separately

Total Value of everything included if ordered separately: $1,500 ($199+$199+$29.55+$199+$37.50+$199+$39.95+$199+$199+$199+$199+$150=$1,849)

All Access Pass: $497/year (or $79/month)

  • Get first access to two new courses coming soon! Currently in development, “IT Leadership Mastery”, and “Ask, Seek, Knock”.
  • Happiness Guarantee: If the search management plan isn’t working for you, we will help you adjust it until it does!
  • Start Later! Don’t need a membership today but want this rate? Activate your membership whenever you need it!

Save 70% with a Pass, save even more when you bundle an IT resume!

Save even more when you bundle a professional resume package with your AAP! Resume packages (for senior IT professionals & IT leaders) include ATS testing, Master Resumes, LinkedIn Profile Reviews, and more! Our normal LinkedIn review was engineered into an autonomous Self-Review and is included!

Our Approach & Guarantee

Our approach is designed to accelerate your search results through a repeatable, execution-oriented structure with easy-to-follow, proven action steps. It’s productive, and it works when applied. If you have not accepted an offer within 6 months, we will give you a one-on-one zoom coaching call to assess your current search plan with you, help you identify the obstacles holding you back from the data produced from your search plan, and we will suggest effective adjustments to your plan to help you get better results.

Refund Policy: Our All Access Pass includes personal coaching services and discloses our proprietary search structure. Since time invested cannot be regained and knowledge shared cannot be unlearned, we do not offer refunds, but we will work with you to adjust your search plan into a style that works for you.

Our structure is consistent (checklists at every step), data-driven (designed for weekly retrospectives), adaptable, and repeatable. We make decisions based on data, not hunches, but we understand that some IT professionals & leaders rely primarily on intuition to make important life decisions (like choosing an employer) and they prefer that approach.

Intuition-based decision makers are usually not comfortable using a consistent structure like ours. If your preferred method for deciding next steps within a process is to follow your gut feel, we do not suggest enrolling this program. While consistent structure is less exciting than spontaneous actions, some might say it’s boring, but we feel it is the ONLY way to quantify, measure, test changes, and dependably improve from week to week.

The people who typically ARE drawn to our process want to manage their search like they manage any other work project, efficiently. They start by vetting multiple strategies and try new ideas, but every week they review what worked vs. what didn’t so next week they can focus exclusively on doing the things that worked the best to accelerate their daily velocity exponentially.

Is this true for you?

If this week you only do the most productive 20% of your job search actions from last week (the ones that created best results), and you honed your actions that same way next week and every week for the next 12 consecutive weeks, is it reasonable to think that by then you would know precisely how to spend less time searching while still getting better results than you are now?

If Habits are established by repeatedly doing things that are positively reinforced by great results, and you had step by step instructions to repeatedly execute Best Practices through every PHASE of your search, is it also reasonable to think you will see great results within 12 weeks?

If you want better results, and you can see how this approach would be productive, then let’s get started! It’s time to get to work!

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