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Searching for Leadership Roles

Leaders face unique challenges when it comes to searching for a job.

1. Leadership positions are rarely posted on job boards, they are often referred.
2. Leaders must demonstrate skills AND trustworthiness to lead a team, in a short interview.
3. Employers want to be excited about a new leader, & feel lucky to get an interview with you.
4. Employers often want to justify why they hired from outside and didn’t promote from within.
**You can create the impression they want with the right approach!

Learn a structured approach to landing leadership jobs to give yourself the highest statistical probability of getting the position you really want with a proven methodology.

Hire Paul as your Coach!

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Paul Cameron has coached hundreds of leaders over 2 decades on how to find unadvertised jobs, how to network into them confidentially, and create the right perception. Watch to learn more:

– Get a 45 minute call twice per month with Paul
– An Interview Prep call before an important interview
– A custom Trello board, tracked progress, and situational coaching
– Your Resume Uploaded for Compatibility Scanning into multiple Applicant Tracking Systems!
– Your Resume Professionally Reviewed
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– Full access to the site and all videos and training programs
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– Get the accountability, guidance, and structure you need to land the job you want

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ALL comments below can be seen on Paul Cameron’s LinkedIn Profile for verification and complete details about each author, along with dozens more recommendations.

Quarterly Member just 3 days after joining:
“I’m only a few days in but I feel I already have received the full value for the expenditure! Paul has been most helpful, timely and communicative. I learned more from Paul already than I did in the entire 11 week program from [outplacement firm]”
– Bryan D, Director of Technology

“Thank you so much for your invaluable tips on your website and YouTube. After being unemployed for 10 months I got my first job offer yesterday, just 2 weeks after discovering your website and improving my resume!”
– Garrison D, Project Manager, Anthropologist

“Paul was very helpful and thorough! He provided me excellent advice and assisted me through my entire interview and hiring process. He was professional and gave me expert guidance and information. I would highly recommend him!”
– Faith B, Nurse Case Manager

“I recommend Paul and “Speed Up My Job Search” to anyone serious about getting back to work ASAP! I joined “Speed up my job search” on December 14th and I set a goal to be employed by January 15th and I began my current job on January 12th! “Speed up my job search” absolutely works!”
– Frank M, Project Manager, PMP, CSM

“I have discovered Paul to be a knowledgeable and down to earth business partner and colleague. He is a realist who seems to grasp ideas holistically whilst still taking note to the more acute details that I missed. I found this to be incredibly valuable in working with him, for it allowed us to truly explore and understand nearly all possible perspectives to an idea / process and its numerous applications. Something, I could not accomplish on my own. Paul is truly a supportive business partner and a value creator in the truest sense for who he is professionally and as a person.”
– Michael P, PMO Project Manager

“My experience with SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com has been very positive. About half way through all of the content and I’ve found it to be helpful and contains some great advice. Good job! I just landed a consulting assignment this morning!”
– Bill H, IT Director

“I just got hired today! I landed a Management level position at a large company in downtown Milwaukee. I have absolutely LOVED having you and your videos with me during my job search! I’ve learned so much and you are so encouraging and positive and smart — I really felt like you were there with me in my corner and I can’t thank you enough!”
– Susan R, Marketing Manager

Leaders have to think differently, and get in front of employers. Here’s an idea, watch.

This video has over 7,000 Likes on YouTube!

“I’m a recent member of your website, and there were some awesome tips in all the videos. The 3 that stood out to me most were the tips for phone interviews, how/when to follow up after sending my resume, and the changes you suggested for my resume. I think your site is extremely helpful and I have been suggesting your site to a lot of people.”
– Patty P, QA Manager

“I connected with Paul through LinkedIn. In just minutes after connecting, Paul helped me improve my profile and resume views substantially. His level of service and expertise is simply stunning.”
– Nick S, Quality Engineering Manager

“Although I am a mechanical engineering manager and Paul concentrates on helping IT professionals find new opportunities, I have found his advice via presentations and his website SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com, to be extremely helpful and relevant – and not just for job search, but also for my career and other activities in which I participate.”
-Hal G, Mechanical Engineering Manager

“I can definitely say that if you utilize the tools and expert advice Paul provides on his website, you can’t go wrong, no matter how short or long your job search has been. Paul does a wonderful job on his website building job seeker confidence & knowledge and explaining the important elements that he has learned throughout his many years helping job seekers navigate the job market terrain. He is a proven leader/industry expert and definitely has a special gift. Most importantly, what sets Paul apart is that he is sincerely interested in helping job seekers succeed.”
– Marie T, QA Manager

“Although I am a mechanical engineering manager and Paul concentrates on helping IT professionals find new opportunities, I have found his advice via presentations and his website SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com, to be extremely helpful and relevant – and not just for job search, but also for my career and other activities in which I participate.”
-Hal G, Mechanical Engineering Manager

“I must say that I have been REALLY impressed with the web site, there has definitely been a ton of work put into just the videos. I am sure they were not done in just one take. I have listened to many other people provide advice in the past year, and I was provided with outplacement service, but I have picked up new tips from your extensive library of videos.”
– Lawrence W, Senior IT Project Manager

“I recommend attending one of Paul’s Job Searcher presentations. I left with at least three improvements I could make in my job search techniques immediately. I have also viewed the web presentation on Positive Attitude and found similar nuggets of insight ready for immediate implementation. Thank you, Paul, for providing this outreach.”
– David H, General Manager

“I learned several new techniques that I plan to use in my job search on LinkedIn. He even gave examples of a couple of introductory letters to use on LinkedIn. I saw him speak and he was the best motivational speaker I had ever heard. You do not have to be an IT professional to receive valuable job search advice from Paul. Trust me, I am a Benefits Administrator in transition and his advice helped to efficiently accelerate my job prospects. Within a couple of weeks I now have more job prospects in business areas I had never thought of pursing before his advice. Take the chance and listen to him.”
– Dana K, Payroll and Pension Manager

Hopefully it is evident to you through these quick videos and testimonials that this site is different. Paul takes a strategic approach with specific instructions on how to implement the ideas. There’s a reason he has more than 100 recommendations on LinkedIn; his plan works, and it can work for you. Join today!

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“I had the fortunate opportunity and pleasure of attending a presentation by Paul Cameron and personally meeting with him. “What a delightful person”! Paul gave an outstanding and informative presentation on some very useful interviewing techniques to employ for a successful job search. In addition, his instructional audio program “Tricks of the Job Hunter’s Trade” is a valuable tool well worth the investment. I commend Paul, on his talent, knowledge, and positive attitude.”
– Teresa C, Project Manager

“Paul’s speaking motivates a group to say the right things in a job interview. He answers questions and give excellent examples. His CD set is a real bargain because you will be better prepared for the interview and much more effective in handling those tough questions that are asked. Paul Cameron is effective and motivating.”
-Barbara L, Training and Development Manager

“I felt that something was going wrong a few months ago when I kept going through phone interviews and nothing was happening. Through your series I’ve learned so much and have actually had 5 great interviews in a row in the last 9 days. I’m scheduled to go to 2 follow up interviews and hope to turn one of those into an offer.”
– Mitchel D, IT Manager