Speed Up My Search

IT Recruiting Services

Speed Up My Search has been recruiting & delivering talented IT professionals to our clients in the Chicago area into FTE (Full Time Employment) positions since 2002. Formerly known as “DriveStaff, Inc.“, in 2022 we absorbed our Job Search service, SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com and adopted a new name to create one great resource for both IT Recruiting Services & Job Change Management.

A Better Process Gets Better Results, Faster.

Our unique approach is based on Structure, Service, & Adaptability.

We understand every company approaches hiring according to their own values and hiring strategies. Below is a comparison of how our approach differs from more common approaches. Which approach aligns closest with your views on effective hiring?

Structure: We believe proven processes consistently create efficient results.
– While we respect those who can successfully hire based on “gut feelings” without a reliable structure, we feel data-driven decisions are more reliable.

Service: We believe better candidate experiences attract better talent.
– We know not returning calls saves time, providing less service saves money, and doing less for others is easier, but the ROI on great service works better for us.

Adaptability: We believe metrics draw roadmaps to consistently better results.
– Many firms see metrics as too time consuming and costly, but we use them to inform us of necessary changes, which saves time and gets more valuable results.

Weekly Retrospectives: Our Agile inspired, Weekly Retrospectives show us if our sourcing targets are accurate, where our response rates can improve, and which tactic is working best for each search. How would your results change if you spent next week only doing the 20% of things that got 80% of your best results this week? What if you narrowed your focus this way every week? We do, and it gets results.

Transparent Partnership: We share our data with the clients who engage our services so that together we can adapt and improve based on real results to ultimately track down the best possible candidate on every search.

A Better Process Gets Better Results, Faster.

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