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Reviews and Comments

Reviews & Comments

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We live in an uncertain world and there are relatively few who have a firm grasp of what it takes to survive and prosper in this new world of work, Paul Cameron is one of them. In twenty five years I have published fourteen books, and Paul is one of less than sixty people I have quoted in my entire body of work.
NY Times Best Selling Author, Knock’em Dead Books
His expertise, skill, knowledge, and unwavering positive attitude about job search techniques and strategies are second to none. This site contains invaluable resources that address every category in a job search. The process of finding a job is a full-time job. Paul’s system and organizational tools provided me with the structure to be successful with the job search process.
Interior Design Sales
Thanks for your words of wisdom, insight, awesome training seminars. I ended up getting two job offers in the same week. Paul’s 10 step program works, if you put forth the effort. So excited about this new chapter in my life.
Order Coordinator
“I’m only a few days in but I feel I already have received the full value for the expenditure! I learned more from Paul already than I did in the entire 11 week program from [outplacement firm]”
Director of Technology
“After being unemployed for 10 months I got my first job offer yesterday, just 2 weeks after discovering your website and improving my resume!”
Project Manager, Anthropologist
“Paul is an expert in the field of employment advancement. Big deal, right? Many people are. What separates Paul from others is his willingness and generosity in sharing his expertise, while expecting nothing in return. He genuinely wants people to succeed and has the tools to make that happen. I’ve truly enjoyed all of our interactions, and have personally benefited from his knowledge. I’m happy to recommend him to anyone looking to advance their careers.”
Resume Writer, Speaker, Career Coach
Paul was very helpful with negotiating salary/benefits as well as during the entire interview process. He was very responsive and easy to talk to! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking job assistance!
Pediatric Physical Therapist
“Paul’s advice reduced the amount of time it took for me to land a job. Paul was especially helpful when it came to organizing my search, understanding how to use LinkedIn to increase my network, improving my interviewing skills and helping me understand how to prepare before an interview.”

Business Analyst
“Thank you Paul, for you guidance on how to utilize LinkedIn in order to find a new role. I followed your recommendation on how to connect with people working within a company I want to apply to. Through those connections, I was able to quickly reach and connect with the hiring manager of the job that I was after. Thank you for your help and I really appreciate what SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com offers.”

District Sales Representative
“Paul is a rare breed that will take the time to share his knowledge and help you find a job. He respects people and it shows. I would highly recommend him for your search or as a career coach!”
Senior Sales Executive
“Paul is a great presenter and very helpful for those in job search. I have attended 2 of Paul’s job search presentations. Both times I have come away with helpful tips. Paul has a very smart common sense approach to job search. He is also volunteering his time to help others which is impressive.”
Account Executive
“Mr. Cameron YouTube channel series, “Speed up my job search” had been very helpful. His ideas, suggestions practical methods have help me personally and I know it will help anyone that views them and connects with him for additional assistance. He can help you find a job, improve your resume, and many other ways. Fully recommended as a great Recruiter and media guru.”

Certified Scrum Master
“Before I signed up with Paul through SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com I was getting very discouraged with the lack of responses from companies applying for jobs on my own. A month into working with Paul things have turned around and over that past few weeks I’ve been steadily interviewing including a couple of second interviews and am feeling like I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. He has gone above and beyond helping me and I most definitely would recommend signing up for 1 of his services through SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com . Thank you so much Paul!!!”
SQL Server Professional
“Paul Cameron has volunteered his time to help jobseekers for more than a decade. He has a job search website, offers free seminars and other services that make a difference in the community. While his specialty is IT, Paul can help most any jobseeker. He has helped me. So when you get a chance, please return the favor. If you know of someone in transition, particularly in IT, have them reach out to Paul. And if you know a firm with IT needs, I’d suggest they look into Paul’s DriveStaff recruiting service.”

Sales, Marketing, Advertising, and Management
“Paul’s an incredible resource. If you want insight how to conduct your job search, I’ve seen no one better. Speedupmyjobsearch.com is worth every penny, loaded with unique advice, tips, strategy and tactics for finding your perfect job. Watch the videos, they’re engaging and rich with information. I highly recommend Paul and the site speedupmysearch.com.”
Business Process Mgmt / Low Code Application Consultant
“Paul’s program is of great benefit to anyone new to job-hunting or those re-entering the job market. His method of organizing your job search is exceptional and will help you get your search on track and under control right away. The tips and videos that you gain access to with your subscription will help you prepare for all of the various phases of your search, whether you are a complete novice looking for your first job or a seasoned veteran needing to put a new shine on your resume. I highly recommend engaging with Paul as early as possible in your search!”
Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)
“Paul is an amazing guy, always refreshing to talk to and easy to work with. As far as pointers that can potentially land you a great job, Paul is phenomenal. I confidently believe that you will never go wrong with your interviewing process if you follow his advice in tackling difficult interviewing questions. With Paul as my recruiter, I have received an exciting job offer with a great company and his help was invaluable. I will definitely recommend Paul Cameron to any talented individual who wants a great recruiter for exciting job opportunities.”
Senior Data Modeling Analyst
“I have accepted a position as a Senior Network Engineer and I really believe that Speed Up My Job Search really made the difference. Especially the Prepare and Interview videos. I also think the thank you letter I sent the hiring manager after the interview was huge. Bottom line, I am so glad I purchased your 3 month program. What a difference maker.”
Network Engineer
“Paul’s knowledge of what recruiters are looking for is unmatched. He is very professional and personable. He will help until you are completely satisfied and help you stand out. I would use him again without a doubt.”
Vice President, Third Party Risk
“I came across Paul during my job search. And, I am so thankful he was able to help me land in my dream job with his constant support. I was impressed how he helped present myself and respond to interviewer’s questions in better way. I definitely and without any hesitation recommend you to get help from Paul in your job search and feel the difference he can make by leveraging the skills you already have.”
Data Mgmt Analyst, Advanced SAS Certified
“What a great approach to job searching. Paul’s knowledge and expertise throughout the job hunting process is worth a million bucks. I watched the videos, followed his plans and happily have gotten a new and exciting job after just a couple of months. Thank you Paul.”
Director of Quality Assurance
“I must say that I have been REALLY impressed with the new web site, there has definitely been a ton of work put into just the videos. I am sure they were not done in just one take. I have listened to many other people provide advice in the past year, and I was provided with outplacement service, but I have picked up new tips from your extensive library of videos.”
Principal Program/Project Manager
“I connected with Paul through LinkedIn. In just minutes after connecting, Paul helped me improve my profile and resume views substantially. His level of service and expertise is simply stunning.”
Manufacturing Business Advisor
“Preparation, setting goals and staying organized is key to staying competitive in this job market. As one of the pilot members for his new website (SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com), I can definitely say that if you utilize the tools and expert advice Paul provides on his website, you can’t go wrong, no matter how short or long your job search has been. Paul does a wonderful job in his workshops and on his website building job seeker confidence & knowledge and explaining the important elements that he has learned throughout his many years helping job seekers navigate the job market terrain. He is a proven leader/industry expert and definitely has a special gift. Most importantly, what sets Paul apart is that he is sincerely interested in helping job seekers succeed.”

Org. Change Professional
“I’m a recent member of your website, and there were some awesome tips in all the videos. The 3 that stood out to me most were the tips for phone interviews, how/when to follow up after sending my resume, and the changes you suggested for my resume. I think your site is extremely helpful and I have been suggesting your site to a lot of people.”
QA Manager
“I just got hired today! I landed a Management level position at a large company in downtown Milwaukee. I have absolutely LOVED having you and your videos with me during my job search! I’ve learned so much and you are so encouraging and positive and smart — I really felt like you were there with me in my corner and I can’t thank you enough!”
Art Director, Project Manager
“Thanks for your help with the interview prep and your great site. I start my new job on Monday!”
Senior Legal Assistant
“I was total impressed with the quality of the content, the candid nature of the video’s, and the ability to read the video transcript also. The topics are spot-on and any job seeker will benefit from this site. Furthermore, Paul does many presentations to groups and you will get an opportunity to meet a founder who is tops in his field. Bravo Paul, you’re help was incredible, thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Senior Member of Technical Staff
“Although I am a mechanical engineering manager and Paul concentrates on helping IT professionals find new opportunities, I have found his advice via presentations and his website (SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com), to be extremely helpful and relevant – and not just for job search, but also for my career and other activities in which I participate.”
Electro-mechanical Engineering Manager
“Not knowing what to expect at my first seminar led by Paul Cameron, I was blown away. His presentation and fresh ideas had my attention throughout, and can not wait to share all that I learned with everyone I know. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to network, move up, or improve one’s career search techniques, to attend at least one of Paul’s seminars.”
Account Executive
“The first time I heard Paul speak, this message resonated with me: “Everything happens for a reason. Any tough situation you go through is because you’re being set up for something better later. You need to set the tone for your day with positive daily affirmations.” Paul is an expert in business and technology. His presentations are very engaging and motivational. He is honest and gracious and provides strategies to become a more confident person and job seeker. He is energetic and charismatic! I was very inspired by Paul and highly recommend his program. He emphasizes to do the right thing every day, and I am confident anyone who participates in his program will learn something valuable. A lot of hard work went into the preparation of his website. I appreciate all the insight, information and personal experiences shared by Paul.”
Executive Assistant
“Paul is the best recruiter I have worked with so far in my career. From the initial stages of conducting mock interviews to the final stages of making sure everything is going fine in the new job, he is always there for you. All the recruiter I have worked only do the job of scheduling the initial interview and then they are gone. Paul is totally different in his approach. He is there in every step of the process from scheduling interviews, conducting mock interviews. giving useful interview tips, negotiating on your behalf and status update. Never seen a more professional recruiter than Paul. Enjoyed working with him and hopefully will work again in future.”

LIMS Project Manager

This video will show you how much you already have going for you AND it will give you first-hand testimonials from two former members. Watch!

“Paul is a consummate professional! Paul is a fountain of information and has helped many a job seeker with his advice and wisdom. His new site Speedupmyjobsearch.com is OUTSTANDING with valuable information and techniques to find a new position quickly. It is with the utmost confidence and trust that I refer job seekers to Paul, knowing that he will do whatever is possible to help them.”
Manager, Employment Services at workNet DuPage
“I recently worked with Paul to look into my profile and resume. Paul knows his game well! He not only knowledgeable about building professional resume but also brings vast knowledge on how the recruiting world works. He is very detailed oriented in terms of crafting resume and the reasoning on the updates. In addition, his blogs are also very effective. Highly recommended!”
“I attended one of Paul’s speaking engagements. He is a very captivating, energetic, and polished presenter (and just a nice person). After hearing his presentation, I immediately purchased his interviewing skills program. Having had several corporate jobs over the last 30 years, I thought I knew how to interview pretty well. I was amazed at what I didn’t know – I learned more from Paul’s program than I ever thought possible. It helped me land the next job I interviewed for, after going through the program. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a job.”
Project Manager – Retired
“I’m only a few days in but I feel I already have received the full “I had the pleasure of working with Paul during the hiring process with my new firm. Paul was a great coach and provided wonderful advice during the interview process. He was patient and provided timely advice on tone and communication style for interviews with specific individuals. I could not have been better represented and assisted.” value for the expenditure! I learned more from Paul already than I did in the entire 11 week program from [outplacement firm]”

Business Consultant
“Paul was the best recruiter I ever worked for in preparing me for the interview, so I was able to prepare with confidence.”
Interior Design Sales
“If you are looking for a job in today’s market Paul and his program are your best shot. I must admit, at first I was pretty skeptical. After signing up and following Paul’s advice it only took thirty days to receive an offer! Though each of our journeys’ are unique, you can expect some pretty big results from Paul.”
Security Researcher
“I worked with Paul recently and it was clear to me that his style is the role model of what an executive recruiter should be. At all stages of the process, Paul was fully engaged and was genuinely interested in making sure that both his client and I were going to be satisfied. When I need to fill roles within my organization from the outside, Paul will be at the top of my list of recruiters to work with.”
Global Development Manager
“The “Speed Up My Job Search” program which Paul Cameron has designed is phenomenal. This is such a fabulous resource for those who are searching for a job. The program also has plenty of relevant information which many people will need throughout their career. It’s rare to run across a person who is truly interested in making YOU better in the process.”

Founder, Virtuoso Travel Advisor
“I tried Paul’s “Slow Pitch Down the Middle” in a recent job interview. This worked really well and led to two more phone interviews and an in person interview! I met Paul at a presentation at the Lisle Job Club and he is an excellent speaker with relevant, insightful information that can be used in job searches. He has quite a few short videos on You Tube at SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com that are great. Paul’s track record as a recruiter is impressive but I can understand his success. He truly cares about others, is accessible and a true coach. I am sure that his clients rave about him too. Thank you so much Paul.”
Finance / Accounting Manager
“With Paul’s guidance and advise I was able to ace my interview process and land the job I wanted. All my years working with recruiters & headhunters, I would say Paul has been one of the very best I have worked with. He was able bring value and enhance my attributes to stand out in the process. I would definitely recommend Paul to work with if you are in the market or Networking.”
Salesforce Business Analyst
“I have found Paul to be one of the most useful and informative coaches who gives secret job hacks and other advice that ACTUALLY works! Don’t believe me, just try his hack to quickly increase one’s LinkedIn network; it truly does work! Paul also has videos on many other job search secrets and hacks from just about everything one can think of regarding job search, resumes, cover letters, applying online, networking, interview preparation, and much much more. I strongly recommend Paul Cameron for anything pertaining to recruiting and job hunting.”
Sales Consultant & Product Specialist
“It was a pleasure working with Paul on my latest job search. He is a talented technical recruiter who took the time to prepare me for an interview. I feel that he went above and beyond any other recruiter I have worked with in the past. I would definitely recommend Paul to any job seeker.”

Client Support Analyst
“Paul is so thorough in his videos, presentations, and follow-through on tasks. He has the uncanny ability to anticipate all avenues of a problem/solution and share them openly and honestly. I particularly appreciated the question/answer arena on his online videos which stretches a candidates responses to either think out of the box, or at minimum to put the response in a factual succinct positive light.. He skills are tremendously valuable!”
Commercial Account Executive
“If you are looking for a new position, especially if you have not been a job seeker for a few years (as was the case with me), I highly recommend Paul’s videos about preparing for interviews. They are filled with specific, practical advice. After watching them and applying the guidelines to my specific situation, I felt confident and prepared for all the interviews I went through. My only regret is that I didn’t connect with Paul earlier in my career!

Application Developer Lead
“Paul is very warm, personable & knowledgeable. He is fantastic to work with and is very concerned in making sure that you have all of the tools you need for success. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He will be very instrumental in your success. I look forward to a long and productive working relationship with Paul.”
Client Support Analyst
My experience with www.SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com has been very positive. About half way through all of the content and I’ve found it to be helpful and contains some great advice. Good job! I just landed a consulting assignment this morning!”
IT Director
“Paul Cameron’s presentation on Networking really “Wowed” me! He had excellent advice on how to leave dazzling last impressions to build your contacts. I went to Paul’s website, speedupmysearch.com and I am finding a wealth of information that is truly beneficial and positive for anyone who is exploring the job market. I can’t thank Paul enough for sharing his knowledge and support.”
Accounting Clerk
“Paul has a genuine concern for job seekers. This is reflected in the amount of time and effort he has put into his SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com website. The website has everything you need to get focused and organized with your job search. He’s basically done everything for you except go on your interview. The instructional videos and planner are exceptional. He’s done the upfront work. It’s your decision to put it to work for you. Great job, Paul!”
Service Desk Advisor
“I specifically hired Paul out of 4 others based on his own innate yet rare ability to offer his services with absolute genuine verbiage and patience. Paul outlined in vast details, certain archaic road blocks all while keeping the focus on my goals and the need to extract them which is a intellectual set of gifts that Paul displayed in a short time. I am giving a recommendation with enthusiasm and appreciate being part of his network.”
Centralized Mortgage Banker
“I recently attended one of Paul’s presentations and was provided with a great deal of practical and relevant information regarding the job search process and the beneficial role an experienced recruiter like Paul can play in the success of the job transition process. I also had the opportunity to view many of the job search videos Paul has hosted and produced and feel so much more motivated and equipped to continue on with my job search plans with a more positive and confident approach. I have signed-up to receive upcoming videos and tips from Paul’s – SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com website – which has a great deal of valuable and insightful information posted on it. I am very appreciative that I have crossed path’s with Paul.”
Admissions Department
“I had the pleasure of attending one of Paul’s public presentations covering “The Job of Getting a Job”, and the strategies he taught and then demonstrated were absolutely motivational. Many presenters will tell you how to get going, but Paul provides strategies to get out front and become the winner! I heartily recommend his services.”
Career Coach & Talent Development Professional
“Paul did not hire me. But he coached me on optimizing my presentation during the interview process for his client. He vetted my credentials and provided excellent tips on handling very standard interview questions that can mean the difference between going forward or being left behind. I’ve recommended Paul to friends who are out of work, and do so via LinkedIn as well.”
Retired Web Content Manager
” Working with Paul has to be unquestionably the best experience that I’ve had working with a Technical Recruiter. Paul’s professionalism and customer service is above and beyond anything that I’ve experienced in my career working with a recruiter. Paul has not only given me tools to help me with the current client, but I can take the information that he has given me and apply it for the rest of my career.”
Senior Software Engineer
“I predict that 200 years after my death a technical recruiter named Paul Cameron will help millions of job seekers find and land jobs through his amazing website…after I discover electricity of course.”
Ben Franklin
Visionary, & the ONLY testimonial NOT on Paul’s LinkedIn profile!
“Paul really stands out. He worked tirelessly on my behalf and provided so many tools, and even coaching throughout the hiring process. His professionalism is second to none, as well as the personal touch he adds to his clients. I would highly recommend him.”
Joseph Rivers
Client Support Analyst
“I recommend Paul Cameron for many reasons. first, He is a peoples person. he is always a delight to talk to, who is at the same time highly professional and very detail oriented. He helped me land a job at Forsythe, through his resourceful knowledge and quick tips. I was prepared as best as I can be. He is an extremely responsible, thorough, honest individual who will help the candidate find the right kind of job that meets the required skill sets and knowledge.”
Senior Exchange Engineer
“Great presentation. The “I LOVE WHAT I DO” message helped me “connect” with a kindred spirit at one of my target companies.I’ll be freelancing at said company starting later this week. Thank you for encouraging us to let our passion for our work show. Simple message. Powerful stuff.”
Retired Category Project Manager
“Regardless of your industry, it’s well worth your time to listen to Paul Cameron’s tips for interviewing and landing a job. I learned several tools that I plan to use in my job search.”
Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist
“I cannot express enough how much appreciate the lessons I learned from Paul that I will take throughout my career. I left a position that just wasn’t the right fit and with my track record I wasn’t worried about finding a new career path. What I realized quickly was that navigating the ins and outs of the new age of hiring was well beyond my knowledge and after a couple months of not getting call backs from what I would describe as a “sure thing” I had to do something. There was a LOT of choices when it came picking a service but why I chose Paul and his team was a concierge level of treatment and it wasn’t going to be a one and done relationship. His knowledge of the industry is second to none and truly I felt like my search was a top priority for him and his team. He took the time to help me prep for the interviews and brought such a unique insight to the discussion. I was hired within just a month of engaging Paul and landed the job that I thought was out of my reach. It was not. If you are looking for a partner in your job search journey , look no further. Call or message Paul now!”
Blake Menefee
Chief of Staff, Oracle
“I was recommended to go to speedupmysearch.com by a friend of mine. Out of all of the job networking sites I’ve found so far, Paul’s site has been the most informative and has prepared me for my interviews. His videos offer great suggestions on how to answer the tough questions in the interviews. The Trello board was instrumental in keeping me on track with my job search and the checklists provide you with the next steps. The Crystal knows Google Chrome add in has been great for me to know how to answer questions from the hiring managers. Great videos and job search tracking systems by Paul and his team. I would highly recommend that all job seekers go to speedupmysearch.com and use the tools that are available.”
Patty Basche
Enterprise Sales Director

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