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The one thing our Self-Guided LinkedIn Review cannot do is offer rewording suggestions based on your specific profile. That must be done by an experienced professional after a thorough analysis of your profile. This Professional LinkedIn Review provides the analysis and specific wording suggestions you need to help more employers find you.

What will you get? Specific best-practice advice for your profile, such as:

  • Analysis & Suggestions to improve your Contact Information.
  • Specific data-driven advice about the effectiveness of your profile images.
  • Insights about how employers with premium accounts see your profile, and how to improve it.
  • Objective evaluation of your Headline and Experience content with improvement suggestions.
  • Recommendations to help recruiters & employers read your details faster to contact you sooner
  • Unique suggestions to optimize your profile to show up in more recruiter searches
  • Proactive profile utilization advice to increase your visibility & reach beyond your current access level

This report is typically around 15 pages of detailed information, requiring 2 to 5 business days to complete.

So much of the stress job seekers experience comes from a feeling of not having advanced expertise using tools like LinkedIn! You can take control of your results, you just need someone with the right knowledge and experience to show you; you found him!

Taking control of your search starts here. It’s time to get to work!

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Comparing Qualifications of LinkedIn Experts? Points to consider:

Paul Cameron has been using LinkedIn professionally for hiring since February of 2004, just 8 months after LinkedIn launched in May of 2003.

Many “experts” boast about their knowledge of how employers use LinkedIn, despite having never had a premium account of any kind they’ve had to pay for, ever.

That’s exciting, but it inspires a question: How can someone be an expert at teaching you the advanced strategies that trained industry professionals while using their LinkedIn Recruiter accounts – if that “expert” has never had a LinkedIn Recruiter account, or even used one for themselves?? That’s like hiring a driver’s ed teacher who has never driven a car, or even been IN a car!  

Paul pays for multiple premium memberships, including LinkedIn Recruiter. He uses them for hiring, and he knows what YOU can do as a candidate to show up on his radar.

Check out Paul’s profile for yourself. Review his recommendations. Compare them to the other experts you are considering, and while you are there, invite him to connect!