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Setting Up Your Trello Board


Video Duration: 3:22

There are just a few things to prepare to make full use of your Search Mgmt Trello Board, and I have spread them out into small, easy-to-digest modules so you can attack one simple update at a time.

If you have questions, or if you have seen a new feature from Trello that would be useful for job seekers that I haven’t included here yet, please let me know so I can add it in. My goal is to make this the best tool possible for you.

NOTE: Some of these modules have screen recordings of an older version of my process board (e.g. a different background pic on the boards), but the functionality taught in these modules is the same. When you get to the Daily Search Plan & Process modules you will see those are all current to your exact board.

The following information can also be downloaded on a pdf: Click here to download the pdf

To navigate to the Strelloids options page pictured below, go to any web-page that is NOT a Trello board page and right click on the Strelloids Chrome extension, then select "Options".

Below are the color codes used in the Strelloids Ext. Options for "Scrum times":

Team 1 estimation labels:
Background color: #00ff80
Font color: #17394d

Team 1 consumption labels:
Background color: #0000ff
Font color: #ffff80






Search Mgmt List Colors:
/Leads = #80e8ffff
/(01|02|03|04) = #ffff80ff
/05 = #80ff80ff
/Reference = #d0b1b0ff