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Wayne Spooner, Networking Success with Calendar Discipline 34:22

Wayne Spooner, Networking Success with Calendar Discipline

Wayne Spooner is the Founder and Managing Director of Enlightened Research, Training and Consulting, LLC., and retired executive from the property and casualty insurance industry of 30 years. Learn more at: EnlightenedRTC.com

As a results-oriented person, you are focused on producing positive outcomes every week from your finite capacity to engage other people and get things done.
– Wayne Spooner

Wayne is an exceptional coach, trainer, and inspirational speaker. In every workshop he leads, regardless of the topic, you not only learn how to improve your skills in that discipline, but you will also learn valuable life-lessons to help you live a life of excellence and integrity.

Treat the follow up time on your calendar with as much importance as the meeting itself!
– Wayne Spooner

In this workshop Wayne shares some critical disciplines for using a calendar to achieve more every week. He covers numerous strategies to ensure you create positive outcomes from your networking efforts. From when and how to prioritize business cards, to the disciplines of following up, you will learn how to think strategically about your schedule.

Discipline is a series of repeatable actions and behaviors that drive a consistent level of high performance.
– Wayne Spooner