Speed Up My Search


Connecting on LinkedIn doesn’t need to be stressful!

Want to connect on LinkedIn but don’t know what to say? For many, this can be agonizing and it often leads them to either send an blank invitation with no message, or they just don’t send an invite at all!

People cannot accept invitations you do not send!

One of the many tools we built to help professionals speed up their search are these self-populating LinkedIn Request Templates. Simply fill in the fields below, and the connection request script will write itself directly on this page for you! Try it! (the form will load below momentarily)

Need to shorten or reword a LinkedIn Request Message? Paste your current message into the box below to get 2 new options, both under 200 characters, to fit into LinkedIn’s custom request message.

[mwai_chat id=”LI-connect” context=”Write 2 reworded versions of this LinkedIn connection request message. The new versions must convey the same intent and they must be less than 200 characters.” ai_name=”https://speedupmysearch.com/wp-content/uploads/chatbot%20folder/SUMJS%20Logo.png” user_name=”” start_sentence=”This AI tool will reword and shorten your LinkedIn connection request messages.” text_send=”Submit” text_input_placeholder=”Paste your connection request message here.” max_sentences=”15″]