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Apply to Jobs Before They Open! This is How

I’ve been getting requests from our subscribers about topics to cover, so today I want to cover two of them. One person said they keep hearing about people who are landing jobs that were created for them, how does that happen? Another person said that many of the advice columns and articles they see out there say they should go after the jobs before they get posted, but nobody ever says specifically how to do that.

So today I will show you. Kevin and Jim, thank you for the questions.

This blog originated from a video that’s posted on my YouTube Channel; here’s a quick link to the video if you want to watch me run these searches: https://youtu.be/Wy3AmrBEM8E

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What kinds of companies have the highest probability of creating new positions for people?

Well, the companies who have, or will soon have, some major hiring needs, and if someone approaches them with a solution to a couple of the problems they might have, they very well could create a position for you. You just need to get there before they post the positions.

So how do you find companies that have, or will soon have, major hiring needs?

It’s not as hard as you think, let me show you. First, go to Google News, and if you’ve read any of my other articles on my LinkedIn profile you’ll see that previously I explained in detail how to use advanced search strings, both to be found online, and to help you find more jobs. Those work in lots of places, like google news for example.

So this time we’re going to run an intitle search.

Just type intitle:hiring with no spaces in there, followed by a space, then a pipe which is just that vertical line which means OR, and then intitle:”new jobs” no space between the colon and the quote, followed by a space, then the state where you’re looking for a job, in this case I put (Illinois | IL).

Like always I recommend, use the Search Tools to narrow your results to be recent articles only (again, if you watch this in the video you’ll see how to do this).

In your list of results you’ll start uncovering stories about companies moving to the state who will be hiring, and companies who are creating new jobs. Those are target companies for you.

Another great way to find companies who have, or will soon have major hiring needs is to look for companies who are hiring recruiters! If they need to hire someone who can help them hire more people, then something is going on at that company and they have some real needs coming up.

Reach out to them. If you need a specific strategy on how to do that, here’s an article from my blog. On that blog post I give you the specific text for the messages you can send to get yourself referred into these jobs.

Again, if this was helpful for you please share it so more people can find it and remember, job search doesn’t have to be so frustrating, there’s an easier way.

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