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Addressing Age Discrimination

Addressing Age Discrimination

This video was originally intended for subscribers only. Due to the frequency of requests, it is available to all and we hope it helps. It is a small sample of the training available to our members.

There is an assignment at the end to help you put these techniques to use. Please watch the whole video.

The audio track mentioned about Handling Illegal Questions is available to subscribers inside the membership portal.

Click Here to see the job board built by AARP with jobs from employers committed to an age-diverse workforce.

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The small white dots along the video progression bar are also links to these topics:
0:40 Civil Rights Act
1:11 Americans with Disabilities Act
2:47 Where to get a free copy of the complete “Illegal Questions” information
3:52 Despite the laws…
5:34 Identifying perceived risks
7:28 Address it indirectly
10:33 Resources
12:31 Important Assignment to ensure this objection won’t stop you

The audio track mentioned in the video, Illegal Questions, is available right here to anyone logged into the website, including Free Members. If you are not a Free or PHASE Member, complete this quick form and we will send you a link to access this track.