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PHASE Training

PHASE Training

There is no shortage of job search advice available. You can get it online, from friends, from former co-workers, from “experts”, books, and blogs, and…and…

The challenge is figuring out which “experts” truly ARE experts with sound advice worth following. Then, once you feel confident in your job search search expertise, how do you actually implement all of the tactics into an efficient daily routine?

My name is Paul Cameron, and I have been teaching advanced job search tactics for more than 20 years while working as an IT recruiter. Since my paycheck depends on my tactics working (employers won’t pay me unless my candidates get hired), I can tell you with certainty that my job search tactics work. However, don’t take MY word for it, check out the 100+ recommendations on my LinkedIn profile to see what others have posted about their experiences working with me (testimonials on LinkedIn cannot be faked, unlike those written in quotes on websites).

I use a PHASE approach in recruiting, career advancement coaching, and job search strategy. It combines three productivity tactics for efficient results, and is grounded in Faith.
PHASE: Probabilities + Habits + Agile Scrum = Efficiency

I started using PHASE on April 4th, 2019 and saw immediate results. By April 30th I had achieved my best recruiting month since 2014! I immediately followed that in May with my 2nd best month, just one accepted offer away from beating April’s numbers!

Probability controls:
Turn hopeful outcomes into statistical estimates and only pursue leads with the highest probability of yielding an offer. Then intentionally influence your own odds and maximize your chances of success.

Habit loops
Scientists prove that Habits take little to no mental willpower to execute AND that our habits are formed through our daily choices. Thus, by developing our necessary tasks into Habits, we can accomplish them easily and consistently.

Agile Scrum concepts
Agile Scrum was developed as a project management methodology for software development teams to quickly adapt to changing requirements. Its applications, however, are far-reaching. Although Scrum is for teams, not individuals, there are 2 concepts which are very effective for individual job seekers. 1, adaptable planning; 2, consistent retrospective improvement.

Efficiency is the result!
When you do anything efficiently, higher quality results come faster. We embedded PHASE into our Jobs Pipeline Tool so you can add your calculated Probability percentages onto each job lead, identify Habit Cues for tasks, and attach Story Points that are totaled on your Sprint columns. With the mobile app you can access your progress from anywhere!

The Career Advancement Platform
The PHASE Project Management Tool will help you identify probabilities to ensure you are putting your time and effort into pursuing jobs with the greatest chance of yielding an offer. It will help you identify the cues that trigger your productive habits, and it will tally your story points for adaptable planning. It will even send you regular reports to quickly identify your job search velocity, as well as the specific tasks that were missed to aid in your retrospectives.

During the 6 week course, I will be a part of your weekly retrospective to coach you through the specific impediments that are holding you back on a planned conference call for you and the team you are on.

Faith & Trust
The whole system is grounded in faith and trust that there is a bigger plan for your life, one that wasn’t written by you. Even if you are not a person of faith, I welcome you to analyze the logic of this approach.

First, PHASE Training is about taking action; it’s not a prayer group. However, my objective is to show you how your faith can very directly lead you to the job you want. If you accept that your steps are being directed purposefully (i.e. things really are happening for a reason), then that means ALL situations, good and bad, are happening FOR you and not TO you.

Let’s apply that understanding to a real-life situation.
If you get rejected for a job that you KNOW was a great fit for you, instead of looking for external things to blame, you can confidently look for the lessons you were intended to learn.

Certainly, someone without faith can look for lessons in misfortune too, but there is a huge difference between looking to see IF there is a lesson, and looking for the lesson that IS there. If a lesson isn’t immediately apparent, the assessment of the situation is often very different. One person will walk away assuming it was bad luck and learn nothing from it. The person of faith, however, will be confident there was value in the situation and that it will serve them well someday.

Which person is more likely to figure out a job-saving solution before their next interview where they could see the same situation occur again? Which person will more easily recall the situation years later when THEY are in the employer’s chair, and know how to step in to affect positive change? The resulting promotion from stepping in may seem like a lucky break to their peers, but they know it was the gift of a prior misfortune that made it possible.

With a faith mindset, you can train yourself to constantly look for lessons in every adversity, instead of looking for ways to absolve yourself from responsibility. It will focus you on things you CAN control, and away from things you cannot control. That by itself will bring you better results, but that’s only the start.

The bottom line:
When we make decisions from realistic probabilities, and deliberately establish productive habits, yet stay agile enough to adapt our plans, we can fulfill our destinies as intended.

The Immersion Class includes:

  • How to build a truly ATS compatible resume (looking at 2 real ATS demonstrations)
  • How to build an effective LinkedIn profile with advanced tactics used by recruiters
  • PHASE System Training

Take the class virtually:

  • 6 week class, but searching by day 2!
  • Full Access to all classes for 12 weeks
  • The Immersion Class via Zoom
  • 5 conf. calls over 5 weeks
  • Custom PHASE Platform Tool

Take the class in person:

  • Includes all virtual class features
  • Join Paul live in his office during class
  • Questions answered offline on breaks
  • Full Resume Review
  • Full LinkedIn Review
  • Theme Development
  • PHASE Board set-up assistance