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Job Seekers: It is Do, or Do, so Try!

Job Seekers: It's Do or Do, so Try!Are you frustrated with your job search because it seems like nothing is working and you’re ready to give up? Unfortunately that’s not one of your options. When Yoda from Star Wars said, “Do or do not, there is no try,”  he wasn’t talking to you. Finding employment isn’t optional, it’s Do or Do, so Try you must!

This week’s video blog is very direct and to the point. When you watch you’ll see that it’s not only possible to re-motivate yourself to continue your job search, but it’s mandatory. Finding a new job can seem like an overwhelming proposition, but it’s extremely do-able for anyone willing to try, regardless of your current obstacles.

As I state in the video, you need to understand my perspective. I’m a headhunter who works on 100% commission, meaning, I don’t get paid unless I find a good job opening and candidate with the skills, AND the best resume AND who interviews better than anyone else. So I know for a fact it’s possible to land a job in any economy, because I’ve been helping people do it on a monthly basis, all year, every year since 1998.

In this 5 minute video I’ll show you 2 tactics that, if you consistently try them in your daily and weekly schedule, they WILL produce more leads and opportunities for you to land a job faster. I give you a taste of specifically who to call within the company and what to say so you can get hired faster. I also share a LinkedIn strategy that will create more warm leads for you.

These aren’t Job Search 101 ideas, these are advanced strategies that will help you land faster. I use them personally, as a professional who makes a living placing people into jobs. If you’ve tried all the free stuff out there already, then it’s time to do what the professionals are doing to land your next job.

You can’t leave something as important as your career up to chance. Take control of the amount of leads you’re pursuing, and control how those leads work out for you.

Step one, watch the video attached to this blog all the way through. It’s about 5 minutes. Then take the next 10 minutes to try the LinkedIn strategy mentioned, AND add 10 minutes to your planner to do it again tomorrow.

Finding the right job doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, and it’s certainly not optional. It’s do, or do, so you have to try. Back to work, you must get.