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Get the DISC Personality Profiles of your Interviewers!!

Understanding personalities of complete strangers seems impossible, but a new technology called Personality AI is changing everything! It analyzes millions of online data points to identify someone’s personality, before you ever meet them! Paul will use this technology to generate customized reports about you and the people you will be meeting at your next interview!

PHASE 4, Interview Mastery (Online Course)

Successful interviews often depend on the rapport you build with the interviewer. Employers tend to hire the person they LIKE the best, not necessarily the most qualified person. Although that seems unfair, it’s actually good news for those who know how to intentionally create rapport with anyone.

Anyone can learn the skill of being likable. Simple word choices and phrases directly impact perceptions. For example, if your teenager asked, “What are you expecting me to have done by the time you get home?” What are they asking? They want to know how little they can do without getting in trouble, right? What if they asked you, “What can I get done for you today while you’re out?” That gives them the same answer, but it gives YOU a completely different feeling about them!

Likewise, you could ask an interviewer, “What will be expected of someone in this role over the first 6 months?” Or you could ask about what you “would have the opportunity to accomplish” for them over the first 6 months. You get the same answer, but THEY get a feeling of ambition about you. When you only have a few hours to influence their perception, word choices matter!

This eCourse covers the interview process start to finish (actually, from before the start to after the finish). Whether you schedule a coaching call, or join the program, you will learn specifically how to ace your next interview.

This eCourse also includes:
Everything from the Free PHASE
Our Effective Networking eCourse
Our JDNG Seminar Archive
– Our Templates & Tools: Pre-Interview Checklist, Influencer Doc, Debrief Form, & Job Offer Comparison Tool

If your resume, LinkedIn profile, daily search structure, and networking skills are in good shape and you just need to tune up your interview skills, book some time with Paul and sign up for PHASE 4. It will help. Click Here to see PHASE 4 now.

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